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Nexty is an accelerator company that empowers athletes to reach their full potential in pursuit of a professional career. Our objective is to mentor each athlete in a 360-degree approach, considering each player’s needs individually.

Nexty’s team is composed of highly qualified professionals that will take care of every aspect of the player’s career. Anything from college declaration to homegrown contracts, from individualized workout routines to meal plans, from Match Day Instagram Post to Twitch Streaming we will be sure that our athletes gain every edge possible in their journey.

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Our Vision

We aspire to be a global leader in athletes’ development, marketing, and representation while remaining loyal to the athlete’s best interests.


Our Mission

We aim to support and empower the development of athletes, locally and globally, through mentorship and guidance with a multi-faceted and holistic approach considering each individual as a whole.

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How to do it right way?

  • Loyalty

  • Honesty

  • Integrity

  • Modern

  • Fun

  • Innovative

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